Bellsouth Email Not Working? Let’s Fix the Problem!

Bellsouth Email Not Working? Let’s Fix the Problem!


Bellsouth webmail service is undoubtedly an efficient one. However, like with other email domains, it is also prone to various problems. Bellsouth email not working is a common issue that many users face. The email service strives to provide a smooth experience to every single one of its users.

But the problems they encounter in its working make it very challenging for them to access their emails. Fortunately, there are quite a few workarounds to this issue. This article will outline some effective ways by which all Bellsouth users can deal with common email problems.

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Common Bellsouth Email Not Working Issues

There are a few Bellsouth email problems that almost every user shares. They include the following.

  • Bellsouth email login issues – Many times, users cannot sign into their Bellsouth email. It requires them to modify their password and make a secure email key.
  • Bellsouth email refusing to send emails – This issue is common among those who don’t have the correct email configuration. It needs you to configure your email properly again.
  • Email not functioning – Sometimes, people find email not working with email clients like Outlook. In such a case, you can think about using another email client.


Resolutions for Bellsouth Email Not Working

When your Bellsouth email doesn’t work optimally, you can employ a number of fixes. Follow the troubleshooting explained below.

1. Examine The Server

Inspect if the ATT Bellsouth email server is working or not. If there’s a server outage, your Bellsouth email won’t load. It’s easy to find the server status. Navigate to websites like On the search bar, type ‘Bellsouth email.’ You will find out if the issue is with the mail account server. After you find that the server is down, go to This site will let you know if the email server is down for everyone else, or is it just you who are facing this issue.


2. Modify the Password and Make a Secure Mail Key

If you notice Bellsouth email not responding in email clients like Outlook, you should think of changing your password. As the problem can happen with some legacy accounts, you can resolve it by modifying the password. After that, create a secure mail key if the problem doesn’t resolve. 

Navigate to Bellsouth’s website and modify the password. Then follow these points to make a secure mail key.

  • Tap ‘Sign-in Info‘ on the profile page of your Bellsouth email.
  • Choose the email account for which you want to create a mail key.
  • Scroll to the ‘Secure mail key‘ section and select ‘Manage secure mail key.’
  • Next, choose the option ‘Add secure mail key.’
  • You can also input the security key name to identify it better. 
  • Choose ‘Create secure mail key.’ Tap ‘Copy‘ to copy the mail key on the clipboard.
  • Tap ‘OK.’
  • Navigate to Outlook and substitute your password with the mail key.


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3. Configure your Account Correctly

Another reason you find your Bellsouth email not working is the incorrect account configuration. If you are using an email client like Outlook, add your Bellsouth account by following these steps.

  • Launch Outlook and navigate to ‘File.’ From here, choose ‘Add Account.’
  • Choose ‘Manual setup or additional server types and tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose ‘POP or IMAP‘ and tap ‘Next.’
  • You’ll be prompted to input the display name and email ID.
  • Input this server information for the POP3 account.
    1. The incoming server is
    2. The outgoing server is
    3. Input your login data and tap ‘More Settings.’
    4. Navigate to the ‘Advanced‘ tab and put 995 as the incoming server port number. 
    5. 465 is the outgoing server port number.
  • Input this server information for the IMAP account.
    1. The incoming server is
    2. The outgoing server is
    3. 993 is the incoming port number.
    4. 465 or 587 is the outgoing server port number.
  • See whether your configuration is correct by tapping the ‘Test Account Settings button.


4. Disable Security Programs

It might be possible that your Windows Firewall or real-time protection antivirus is interrupting the ATT Bellsouth email exchange. To stop their interruption, you should disable them temporarily. It might resolve the Bellsouth email problems you are currently facing.


5. Look at the Spam Folder

If you are not receiving emails in your Bellsouth email account, try finding if the emails are in the spam folder. If they are there, navigate to your email filter from settings. Delete unwanted filters that you may have unknowingly created when not getting emails in your account.


6. Fix the Network Issue

It’s also a good idea to inspect the internet connection quality. If the signal strength is low, you’ll find the email not working properly. You won’t be able to log in due to it.

  • Go to the ‘Start‘ menu.
  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel‘ and select ‘All control panel items.’
  • Now select ‘Internet Options‘ followed by ‘Advanced‘ and then ‘Reset.’ 
  • Finally, tap ‘OK.’


Final Words

Follow these fixes whenever you find the Bellsouth email not working. Using them, you can resolve several email problems. But if the email still refuses to work properly, connect with professional Email Technical Support services. The experts are available 24/7 to help you.