How To Solve iCloud Email Not Working Problem?

How To Solve iCloud Email Not Working Problem?


Are you facing issues in sending your essential emails through the Apple ID? If yes, then don’t worry. We will help you to resolve all your problems related to your iCloud email account. Concerns like iCloud email not working are severe and very common, and these need to be fixed immediately.

Nowadays, almost all iPhone users are heading towards iCloud services because of their better storage service. Apple mainly focuses on iCloud, and they have another facility called iCloud Drive. It saves all your data from your iPad/iPhone to iCloud. In this write-up, we will derive the solutions to solve iCloud email issues. Before beginning, we must know the causes behind the “iCloud email not responding” problem.

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Reasons why iCloud email not working

There are many queries from the users, like why my iCloud email is not working. So, in this section, we discuss the reasons that can make your users clear why their iCloud mail is working.

  • Issues With the iCloud Addresses

It happens when Apple cannot verify the originality of an email address on other domains. This makes the users incapable of sending an email to an address having domains of,, or if that address doesn’t exist. Your mobile app will not indicate whether the address is right or wrong, thus creating issues while sending emails to such addresses. That’s why your iCloud email not responding.

  • Sending Emails with Large Size Attachments

Apple only allows the maximum size of an email message that has to be sent to 20MB, including your text and attachments. In Apple Mail, you can also activate Mail Drop, which uses iCloud to save temporary files up to 5GB per message.

  • Sending Emails to Multiple Recipients

You can send an email to 500 recipients only in Apple, which is a maximum limit. Hence, if you exceed the number of recipients in a single email, you might face iCloud email issues.

After knowing the causes that create the iCloud mail not working issue, it’s time to resolve it. Let’s start.


How to Solve iCloud Email Not Working Issue?

Steps to Fix iCloud email not working on iphone or iPad

  1. Ensure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to a stable internet connection. Verify the internet strength before accessing
  2. Reach to check if you can access your emails from your iCloud email account using a Mac or PC.
  3. Check your iPhone or iPad Mail settings. If the Mail setting is off, then turn it on by heading to Settings>>your name>>iCloud.
  4. Try to send an email to yourself to check whether the Push option is working or not.
  5. Remove all the caches and cookies from the email settings and browser.
    The virus may impact iPhones or iPads. In such cases, you can use Antivirus to remove the virus.
  6. Also, manually configure the POP3 and SMTP server settings to fix the iCloud email not working issue.

You can quickly fix iCloud email not responding on iPhone or iPad with these steps. Now it’s time to fix the iCloud email issues in Windows 10.


How to Fix iCloud Email Not Working Issue on Windows 10?

iCloud email issues may occur in Windows 10 when the Windows 10 Mail app denies the iCloud password even if you are entering the right password. If you encounter the same, then don’t be panicked, as Apple has made contemporary changes in its security policies. This is mainly done to enhance the user’s two-step sign-in or two-factor authentication.

You might have enabled the two-step sign-in on your iCloud, and again Windows 10 Mail App doesn’t allow iCloud to work. In this case, you can replace your iCloud password with a temporary app-specific password to fix this issue.

Through this process, anyone can resolve their iCloud email issues in Windows 10. If you are an android user, then the next section is for you to fix the iCloud mail Not Working problem in Android.


How to Fix the iCloud Email Not Responding Issue on Android?

As iPhone and Windows 10 users, Android users also ask why is my iCloud email not working. If you are an Android user, then these steps are for you. Follow them

  1. Check the internet strength and device you are using. If there is a problem with the internet, then contact your internet service provider.
  2. Make sure that you are entering the proper login credentials.
  3. Update your email application to the newest version, as the older versions can create iCloud email issues.

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Wrapping Up

There can be many reasons why iCloud Mail not receiving emails. It is essential to find out the exact reason why iCloud email is not working properly. With this write-up, we are trying to help you resolve the issue also, the user queried why my iCloud email is not working correctly. After going through this guide, if the iCloud mail not working error persists, you can contact our Email Technical Support professionals 24×7.