When the words “professional communication” come it automatically brings outlook to the notice. In professional communications, it is common to have errors that make the work progress slow and affect the business targets, the common issue of “the set of folders cannot be opened” is normal to occur.

This blog will talk about the fixes for these on-going issues with the outlook. Users have confirmed that the outlook application is causing trouble while opening as it is showing an error. After launching the outlook, users usually see an error that is harming their work in certain ways.

Every problem comes with a solution and this what this blog talks about.

The reason behind this problem is the file corruption to your outlook profile file which is the .xml file with your outlook name. The outlook technical support has come up with the solution to fix this problem.

Why the set of folders cannot be opened?

The outlook application is constantly failing to open even after attempting multiple times. As a user, you are not able to do anything but just wait. But how long will you wait the problem is this.

There are numerous reasons for this error occurring problem which include that the outlook version is old, running in compatibility mode, use of damaged profile, outlook prompting passwords, etc.

When the problem comes its solutions automatically come which you need to troubleshoot. The outlook technical support is made for these problems which save from serious damage.

How to fix the issue of “the set of folders cannot be opened?

If you are reading this blog then your query is already resolved. Here is a quick fix solution for your problem which is bugging you lately.

It is ideal to have a 64-bit version of the office

If you are using a 32-bit version of Microsoft office then this issue is likely to occur. To avoid this problem the user will have to reinstall the office in a 64-bit version as it offers a smooth performance. Many users have given feedback that after installing this version they were able to use it effectively.

Make sure you are signed out of iCloud

Outlook technical support has come up with this solution too. Make sure you are signed out of the iCloud and sign in again.


Make a taskbar shortcut to start outlook

You can pin outlook to the taskbar so that it gets quickly launched. This keeps an error-free process and it gets quickly opened without any hassle. This solution is helpful for a lot of users.

By opening the outlook from the taskbar, choose the New E-mail message or Outlook 2016 option from the menu.

Outlook shortcut added to taskbar

A separate password for outlook

Error is possible to occur if you are using two-step verification for your Gmail account. Make a separate password for outlook to avoid this error. This is a common issue as two-step verification protects the email account from unauthorized access.

Use outlook technical support tools

These tools are third-party tools that can be installed as outlook tools. You need to start outlook tools and navigate to start-up switches. Click on profiles and then click on start outlook. You will be able to see the “choose profile” panel.

Click on options and then check set as the default profile. To save changes click ok. Enter details like email address and password. You can finish the process when your profile is made.

How to fix the issue “the set of folders cannot be opened” if outlook asking for a password?

For a password error, these below-mentioned steps will help you. There can be several reasons behind Outlook keeps asking for password office 365. They are as follows:

Microsoft Office 365

Poor quality network connection

Outlook not able to reach the server can be an issue of a bad connection. As we all know that it runs smoothly with the best internet connection, therefore, it is important to invest in a strong and healthy connection. Due to unstable and poor network connectivity, the mail server gets lost, therefore, it asks for a password again and again.

Expiry of antivirus programs

It is common for antivirus programs to interrupt with outlook program which can lead to password prompt issues. Check your antivirus updates from time to time so that you don’t fall into this trouble again.

Corrupted Outlook profile

Due to a corrupt file in the system, the outlook fails to remember the password. Here is how you can make a new profile on the outlook

  1. Go to the start option and open the control panel. In this look for mail and click on it.
  2. Go to mail setup>outlook box will appear > click on show profiles
  3. Under general category> select outlook from the profile,> click add a button for adding a new outlook profile.
  4. Add a profile name and click on 
  5. You can set your name, password, email address in this step. Click next after this.
  6. By now your profile setting will be 

Credential manager storing wrong outlook password

This issue is also fixable as you have to remove the stored credentials from the credential manager. Here how you can fix it.

  1. Go to the control panel> select credential manager.
  2. You will have to look for the credential sets with the outlook name.
  3. By expanding the set you will get the option of remove from Vault.
  4. You will have to repeat the above-given steps to set all the credentials.

The outlook technical support can solve all these issues smoothly so that you can work professionally and fast. The issue of “the set of folders cannot be opened” is a common issue that can be solved with various outlook technical solutions. The company and various technical experts have researched and found possible solutions