Why Can’t I Log Into My Gmail Account?

Why Can’t I Log Into My Gmail Account?

In the digital tech world, Gmail is one of the most secure and reliable emailing services which offers users to securely send or receive emails or any personal identity to their friends, families, or clients. But sometimes, few problems can also be experienced by Gmail users. One most common error Can’t Log into Gmail Account is been reported by thousands of people every day. That’s why; our team has decided to write a blog on this. So that any helpless candidates can go through it and efficiently overcome the Gmail sign in problems. So, if you also have the same problem with your Gmail account, then this blog will be very useful for you. Let’s read it out from top to toe appropriately!

Why Can’t I Log Into Gmail Account?

Due to the following dynamics, you can’t Log Into Gmail Account:

  1. First, the Gmail server is down.
  2. Invalid Username
  3. Incorrect Password
  4. Browser or server configuration problems
  5. Data connection issue



Potential Fixes For ‘Why Can’t I Log Into My Gmail Account’ Problem

Here are the complete guidelines you should follow to easily eradicate the Gmail Account Login problems. Have a glimpse of the noted points once:


Procedure 1: Verify the Username and Password

Verify the Username and Password of Gmail Account

When you can’t Log in to your Gmail Account, then first you should check the username and the password of your email ID.

Several times, a couple of users enter the wrong User ID or incorrect password. And because of this, they won’t be able to perform the Google account login.

Before typing the password, you are suggested to look up the Caps Lock key on your keyboard and make sure it is not ON. Especially when you type the wrong password, you have to encounter Gmail not working issue.

That’s why it would be best for you to write down the Gmail password on the notepad and save it on the Desktop.

So whenever you are going to login to your Gmail Account, you can simply copy from there and paste it into the Gmail login form. And then after Gmail will be logged in successfully and you can frequently send or receive emails with no hassle.


Procedure 2: Reset the Gmail Password

Reset the Gmail Password

After entering the password in the required field and tap the “Next” button to proceed further but unfortunately seeing a statement “Wrong password. Try again or click Forgot Password to reset it” on the screen. In such a case, you must reset a password with the help of the below steps:

  1. Visit the official site of Gmail.
  2. Once the Gmail login page opens, tap the “Sign-in” button present in the top menu bar.
  3. Enter your email address and press “Next”.
  4. Now, Click on the “Forgot Password” link.
  5. Type the password that you remember at present.
  6. Now choose your recovery method.
  7. At the end, verify the account, once you check the account, you will get an option that is “Create a new password”.

After clicking on it you may generate a new strong Gmail password. Once the password has been created do not share it with anyone else.


Procedure 3: Check The Gmail Account Server Status

Check The Gmail Account Server Status

Due to a Gmail server problem, you might are unable to sign in to your Gmail account. When the server is down or it is updating, then you will face Gmail not receiving emails problem. At that point, you have to wait for several minutes until Google confirms that the server is working fine now. To check the server status, you must visit: the down detector or Gmail’s official Twitter handle.


Procedure 4: Update The Autofill Gmail Account Settings

Update The Autofill Gmail Account Settings

If you Can’t Log Into Gmail Account, this might happen due to Autofill Settings being incorrect. That’s why it is needed to login into your Gmail account by typing the password manually. If you cannot access the Google account, you have to update the Gmail password on your Autofill settings. Hence, let’s do it with the following tips:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC and type chrome://settings in the address bar, After that hit “Enter”
  2. And then click on the “Advanced” tab
  3. Scroll down to reach the “Autofill Settings” option, click on the password
  4. Now bang on manage saved password in your Google account
  5. Click on the “Edit” button and select your email address
  6. Now you have to remove the old password and type the new password
  7. And then tap “OK”

In the same way, you can update the Autofill Settings on the browsers too.


Procedure 5: Enable the JavaScript on Your Browser

Enable the JavaScript on Your Browser

When you tap the sign-in button but it doesn’t respond, then you need to check the JavaScript functions on your browser. Make sure the javascript is enabled and up to date if it is not updated.


Procedure 6: Clear the Browsing Data

Clear the Browsing Data

Due to dead cookies or cache files, you can’t log in to Gmail. That’s why it is recommended to remove the old cookies and cache files that are useless and then try again accessing your Gmail account. This time you will be able to sign in to your Gmail and sync the account hassle-freely.


Procedure 7: Update The DNS Address On Your Computer

Update The DNS Address On Your Computer

If you are getting failed to access your Gmail account or the Gmail login email page is not loading, then you need to update the DNS address on your Windows. Do the same through the given steps:

  1. Press the Windows + R key together on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box
  2. Now, type “ncpa. cpl” in the text field and then press “OK”
  3. Right-click on your network adapter, and then tap “Properties”
  4. Select TCP/IPV4 and then click on the “Properties” option again
  5. Use the following DNS address
  6. Type the primary address- and secondary Address as
  7. Finally, tap “OK” and reboot your system



Dial Helpline Number To Obtain Additional Information

After completion of the aforementioned solutions if still facing Can’t I Log Into My Gmail Account, then place a single call on helpline number. The highly professional tech specialists are working to deliver top-notch services at Gmail Support reasonable cost. Therefore, once you get in touch with them, you will definitely access your Gmail account within a few minutes.