Restore SBCGlobal Email Hacked Account With These Solutions

Restore SBCGlobal Email Hacked Account With These Solutions

Many users use their SBCGlobal email to communicate and share important data with their colleagues, friends, and families. However, no email service is fully free of problems. Hacking is one such issue that is plaguing an increasing number of people. Users of this particular email service also complain of their SBCGlobal email hacked. It is a serious concern and demands your immediate attention. But before recovering your email, you should be fully sure that it is hacked. 

If you know the common symptoms of a hacked account, you’ll identify earlier if there’s a problem. It will give you sufficient time to take steps to protect your account. This article will tell you about the signs of a hacked SBCGlobal email account and how to restore it. 

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How to Find out About the SBCGlobal Email Hacked Issue?

When your account is compromised, you may not know about it immediately. Hackers are very clever. They will try their best to prevent you from knowing about your hacked account. But it would help if you were alert and know about the signs of this activity so that you can restore your account. These are some signs that point to a compromised SBCGlobal email account.

  • You get emails for password reset – If you get an email for password reset without sending a request for it, it points to hacking activity. So, you must watch out for such emails and secure your account with a strong password.
  • Your contacts complain that they are getting strange messages from your account – It is a sure-shot sign of a hacked SBCGlobal account. Your contacts will complain about getting spam emails from your email ID. 
  • You will notice a strange IP address – Email services allow users to use a tool that lists the recent login activities with their corresponding IP address. If you recognize an unusual IP address in the login activity, you must not take it lightly.
  • You will see those emails in your sent mail folder that you haven’t written – If a hacker takes charge of your account, you will find strange emails in the sent mail folder. These will be the messages that you haven’t ever sent by yourself.
  • Inability to log in – Another important sign of a hacked account is your inability to log into it. In most cases, hackers change the account password, which prevents the users from logging in.

How to Recover Hacked SBCGlobal Email?

There are broadly two methods to employ depending on the extent of hacking. These techniques are described below. You can choose one depending on whether you can log into your account or not. 


If You Can Access Your Account

You are lucky if the hackers haven’t changed your account’s password. The first step is to change the password as early as you can. Here are the pointers you should abide by. 

  • Login to your SBCGlobal account. Do it by heading over to their official website. 
  • Once there, input your password and username and tap ‘Sign in.’
  • When your inbox appears, tap your profile name. It is located on the top left portion. 
  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now from the menu that appears, tap ‘Account Settings.’
  • Choose ‘Privacy and Security to head to the password section.
  • Choose the ‘SBCGlobal Change’ option.
  • In the subsequent window, input your existing password. 
  • After that, make another strong password and tap ‘Confirm.’

If You Cannot Access Your Account

Unfortunately, some people are not as lucky as those above. They cannot log into their account due to their password having been changed by the hacker. If you are in this category, don’t lose hope, as you can regain control of your hacked SBCGlobal email account. Given below are two ways by which you can do so. 

Employ Security Question

  • To use this option, launch the ‘Find Your Password’ page of SBCGlobal.
  • Input the needed information on this page, such as your name and email address. 
  • Now, hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  • On the subsequent page, choose ‘Security question’ as your option for recovery. 
  • When your security answers get verified, you’ll be directed to the password reset page.
  • On this page, input a new and strong password. 
  • You must input it again and then hit the ‘Continue’ button to finish the password reset process.
  • After that, you will get a message from the SBCGlobal email that informs you about your password being reset successfully. 
  • That’s it. You have resolved the SBCGlobal email account hacked issue. You can now use your email. 


Make Use of The Alternate Recovery Email or Contact Number

This is the other way to take charge of your hacked email account. You can use the alternate recovery email ID by following these points.

  • Go to the SBCGlobal sign-in page using your web browser.
  • Next, input your email ID.
  • Now hit the ‘Forgot Password option. It will be below the ‘Password’ text field.
  • You will come to the new window. Here you can either opt for getting a code through the recovery email or through a phone number.
  • Provide either one of them to get a verification code.
  • This verification code will help you to change or reset your email account password.
  • After getting the code on your contact number or recovery email, copy it. Input it into the Recovery Password page.
  • Now you will come to the page where you can modify your password.
  • Use this password to log in to your email account. This will resolve your problem, and you can use your email account as you usually do. 

How to Protect Your SBCGlobal Account

If you notice that your SBCGlobal email is hacked, you must become vigilant from that time onward. To prevent your account from becoming the victim of a hacking attempt in the future, use these steps.

  • Do not keep the same password for a prolonged period.
  • Keep your personal and official email addresses different.
  • Install an antivirus system on your computer.
  • Keep updating your operating system.

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Final Thoughts

Use this guide whenever you encounter the SBCGlobal email hacked issue. We have provided all the necessary steps to help you restore your account. Use the different techniques as per your situation. If you need extra assistance, contact an Email Technical Support Service.