Steps to configure sbcglobal email settings and change settings online

Steps to configure sbcglobal email settings and change settings online

Sbcglobal is one of the most admirable and top-rated email service providers used by thousands of users across the globe. Although it is widely used by home, business, and professional users. Users can also send and receive the emails in a safe way with the assistance of their Sbcglobal email accounts. They can access their Sbcglobal account on many devices by configuring the Sbcglobal email settings online. In addition, they can set it up on other email applications by making fundamental changes in Sbcglobal email settings. In order to access the Sbcglobal email account on any device or with any email applications, users need to set up a Sbcglobal email account with proper email settings.

Complete Information about Sbcglobal email settings

Sbcglobal email settings also help users to set up their email accounts on many gadgets having different email clients. Although there can be the possibility to set up Sbcglobal IMAP settings, and ATT Sbcglobal. Net SMTP settings together.


  • Name
  • Port number: 995 or 993.
  • Server – SSL / TLS.
  • Username- username.
  • Password – password.


  • Name-
  • Port number: 465 or 587.
  • Server – SSL / TLS.
  • Username- username.
  • Password – password.

Easy Steps to set up Sbcglobal email account-

If you want to set up a Sbcglobal email account on other email applications or devices, then you can do it easily. You should also have proper and full knowledge about the setup procedure or its email settings. However, there are several users, who do not know exactly about the SBCGlobal email account setup and email setting procedure. If you are one of them, then you must follow the below steps in the appropriate ways-

Step1- Initially, you need to go to the settings section of your gadget. Step2- Secondly, you must enter your username and password in the displaying section. Step3-You need to select your account type for the incoming mail server and type the below settings for IMAP-

  • Username: Email address.
  • Password- Password of your email address.
  • Port Number-993.
  • Requires SSL/TLS-Yes.

Now, you need to choose SMTP for the outgoing server and after that, you need to type the below settings-

  • Username- Email address.
  • Password- Email address password.
  • Port number-587.
  • Requires SSL/TLS-Yes.

Step4- Finally, you should follow on-screen steps to complete the setup process of the SBCGlobal email account. Thus, you can access the webmail easily on your preferred device or email services.

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How to access the Sbcglobal email account easily?

If you want to access your Sbcglobal email account online, you should also enter the right username and password. These are the required details that you need to type on the login page of yahoo. Now, you can experience a tough situation where you have forgotten your Sbcglobal email address. Thus, to recover your forgotten password, you need to reset your Sbcglobal email password in the appropriate ways. Apart from this, you may face a situation where you have forgotten the Sbcglobal email password. In such cases, if you want to access the Sbcglobal email account, then you need to reset your password in the correct ways.

Easy Process of Recovering Forgotten SBCGlobal Password

There are only three easy instructions that you must perform appropriately. If you’ve forgotten the Sbcglobal email password, then you should follow the below steps such as:

  • In the first step, you must go to the homepage of yahoo You need to login to the Sbcglobal email account. You can make the proper use of the address or URL that we obtained under the “links’ ‘ to obtain your started field to obtain there. Or you can visit and press on the option, “sign in” on the upper side of the mail.
  • Now choose a temporary password, that AT&T will provide you a fresh temporary password in your email password for the recovery procedure. You need to use this password in the sign-in section and make a fresh AT&T login password.
  • Next, you need to remember your questions and answers about security. Simply, you must answer your one and two security questions and click on the “Continue” button. Finally, you should create a new password now. By doing this process, you can access Sbcglobal email accounts easily.

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You should follow the below steps- Step1- Primarily, you must visit the SBCGlobal Forgot Password page. Step2- Secondly, you need to click on the “password” option. Step3- You must enter your email address and your previous name in the Sbcglobal email account. Step4:- You need to tap on the “continue” option. Step5- You must choose the answer to my security questions from the displaying drop-down menu. Step6- You need to answer the security questions correctly that you’ve already set for your account. Step7-Next, you need to choose and tap on the “continue” option. Step8- In the final step, you must create your new password just by following the prompts. Thus, you can access the Sbcglobal email account in the appropriate ways.

You must do some important things after login into the account

When you have logged into the Sbcglobal email account successfully, you must change the theme and settings of the account just by clicking on’s email settings. You will get this option on the upper right corner of the login page. If you want to send any messages or want to read your emails, you can do it after the login procedure. Apart from this, you want to remove old messages from the email inbox, you need to choose the messages and click on the “Delete” option to delete the selected messages fully.

By following the above procedure, you can access the Sbcglobal email account successfully. The above process is very simple in applying, so every user can follow them in the appropriate ways. Still, if you have any problem, you can take instant help from certified technical experts.

Steps to configure SBCGlobal email settings for iPhone

  • Firstly, open your iPhone and click on Settings.
  • Under settings, click on Mail >> Account >> Add Account.
  • Choose the Other option from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the Add Mail Account option and enter the required information in the fields(like name, username, and password).
  • Now, select the IMAP option and type in the incoming server settings. And type in the outgoing server settings.
  • Next, click on the Continue option when the prompt message appears on the screen.
  • Tap the Details >> Trust >> Save option.
  • When it is over, then choose the SMTP server.
  • Type the in the outgoing server settings. After that, input the username and password in the required fields.
  • Enable the SSL security type. Then enter 465 in the outgoing secure port and enter 587 in the SMTP roaming server.
  • At last, click on Done.

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  • Go to Settings and choose the Mail option.
  • Enter your Sbcglobal email address and password.
  • Under Manual Setup, select the IMAP option.
  • Then input in the IMAP server. Set the incoming IMAP secure port to 993. Next, type 143 to incoming insecure port. Turn on the SSL/TLS security
  • After entering incoming server settings, now input in the outgoing server settings. The outgoing secure port should be set to 465 and the outgoing insecure port should be 587. The security type should be SSL/TLS.
  • In the end, click on the Done option.


However, if you are facing problems while accessing your Sbcglobal email account. Or if you have forgotten your Sbcglobal email account password or email address then consult with our SBCGlobal Email Support experts. Although you can do it easily just by following the above steps in the appropriate ways.