How To Fix Comcast Email Not Working Issue?

How To Fix Comcast Email Not Working Issue?


Call it either the Comcast email or the Xfinity email, the fact wouldn’t change ever that it is globally powerful. Be it a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android, you can smoothly use Comcast email. But it is also the harsh truth that not even a single email service is completely free from tech glitches. Yes! Of course! It is so. Every now and then users complain that their Comcast Email Not Working on their operating device. This problem could arise due to several unavoidable reasons. In this tutorial, we describe in a better way to solve it out. Thus, read and know how to deal with it.


Why Is My Comcast Email Not Working?

Comcast Email Not Working is a very big problem as once the users confront it; they can’t send/receive any emails. Such a problem gives a bad impact on the office as well as personal work. Most of the time Comcast email stops working if there is a server down or poor strength of internet connection. Sometimes, it is so tough to point out the exact reason for Why Is My Comcast Email Not Working. That’s why we gather the most probable various unwanted reasons for you. As it will make your problem-fixing task easy.

List Of Comcast Email Problems 2021

  • First, can’t send or receive Comcast emails.
  • My Xfinity Comcast email not loading.
  • Or Comcast email not opening on iPhone.
  • Sometimes, Comcast IMAP Settings and POP Settings are not working properly.
  • Unable to load attachments with Comcast emails.

Reasons For The Appearance Of Comcast Email Not Working

There are a few primary factors that are responsible for Comcast Email Not Working issue. The list of causes are as follows:

  • Comcast Email access on an incompatible web browser.
  • Wrong IMAP Settings of Comcast could also result in Comcast Email Not Working 2021.
  • Most probably using an outdated Comcast email app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Maybe you are making a typing mistake while entering your login details.
  • Enter an incorrect POP Settings and hence result in Comcast Email Not Working 2020 problem.
  • This can also be happening just because of a virus or malware attack.
  • Missing Windows or iOS updated can also result in Comcast not responding issue.
  • Inappropriate configuration of Comcast email also leads to such a problem.
  • Weak or slow internet connection.

Effective Solutions To Fix Comcast Email Not Working Issue

Learn how to Fix Comcast Email Not Working issue in very little effort and short span. In the below section, we will walk you through the different troubleshooting ways. So you can quickly eradicate this issue. Without any delay and confusion, let’s start working your way down until your Comcast email gives a response. You can stop jumping to the next solution once your problem gets fixed from the root. Begin:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

System running with the slow speed of internet connection can be the major reason for Comcast Email Not Working 2018. So, you are always suggested to first check your internet connection’s strength. Make sure it gives the required strong signal strength as only then the page will be loaded. Otherwise, the Comcast email will not respond to anything whenever you try to open and send emails from the email server. If the Comcast email is not working on your computer system, immediately restart your modem and the data connection. If the page you attempted to open is now loading but the Comcast website is not loading yet, move to the next solution.

2. Check Your Comcast Email Server

When you access Comcast Email for email sending/receiving, suddenly you notice that your Comcast email stops working. If you are confirmed that the issue is not with your network, it means having a problem with the server connection. The Comcast email server is down so you will have to wait for a couple of hours. Sever issues may happen when the site goes under construction. Once everything will be working fine, you can again start your work with Comcast without any obstruction. If this also doesn’t work, try out the next solution.

3. Check Your Web Browser

The web browser on which you are using your Comcast email must be compatible otherwise My Xfinity Comcast email is not working arises. Here are some certain tips you should focus on:

  • Make sure the browser is up-to-date. If it is really not, get the current version of the browser.
  • Also, ensure that browser is compatible with Comcast.
  • Next, you should clear the entire caches and cookies of your browser. Furthermore, you also should delete the history of your browser.
  • Now, you can open your browser and then attempt to log in to your Comcast account.
  • You can also use another browser for accessing the Comcast email account to check if it works.

4. Check The Comcast Email Settings

If you have recently configured your Comcast Email on Outlook, then make sure the email settings are correctly been entered. Also, ensure that you didn’t make the following mistakes from your side:

  • Whether or not you have reached the email sending limit of Comcast email.
  • Check the trash and spam folder to ensure that the important emails are not automatically transferring there.
  • Also, ensure that you haven’t blocked the recipient to whom you are trying to send an email.
  • Similarly, ask the sender if he/she has not added you to the blacklist.
  • While you send any emails, check and confirm that you entered the accurate email address. A single typo error won’t let you send an email or any attachments.

5. Check The Third-Party App

Sometimes, for security, the antivirus or any third-party application installed in your system won’t let Comcast email access. So, in that circumstance, you are recommended to temporarily disable them and thereafter use a Comcast email account. Once your work gets fluently done, you can resume those applications.

Therefore, no need to pull hairs if My Xfinity Comcast Email Is Not Working, as the solving guide is noted above. With this piece of information, you can effortlessly eliminate such type of issue from your Comcast email account.

What To Do When Comcast Email Not Working On Android?

Comcast Email Not Working On Android. What you should actually do is to check if any latest release of the email app is launched. If any update is available, get the app soon. Now, check if the issue has been resolved.

What To Do If Comcast Email Not Working On I-Pad?

If Comcast Email on iPhone Not Working, then you can implement the following guidelines to fix this problem:

  • On your iPad, tap the “Mail” icon.
  • Click the “Other” tab.
  • On the “New Account” screen, provide your login credentials and then tap “Next”.
  • If the information you have entered is correct, your account will then get verified. This is how you can configure your account.

Now, give a glimpse of Comcast Email Settings for iPad:

  • On your iPad, go to the “Settings” tab and then select “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Click on your Comcast account. Now, if any issues you confront while receiving emails, check Incoming Mail Server Settings.
  • To do this, go to the “Advanced” tab and check the following:
  1. Incoming Server HostName –
  2. Username – Comcast Email Account
  3. Password – Email Password
  4. Incoming Mail Server Port – 993
  5. Use SSL – ON
  6. IMAP Path Prefix – Empty
  7. Authentication – Password
  • If facing issues while sending emails from your Comcast account, check the Outgoing Mail Server Settings. Here’s how:
  1. Outgoing Mail Server Host Name –
  2. Username – Comcast email account
  3. Password – Email Password
  4. Outgoing Mail Server Port – 587
  5. Authentication – Password
  6. Use SSL – Yes

To access your Comcast email, you will need the right email settings.

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