Microsoft outlook is one of the most popular email applications, which is launched by Microsoft. It allows users to configure more than one email account. It has countless unique features, so it can be used by thousands of users on a regular basis. If you are facing problems to manage two or three email accounts similarly, MS outlook is the appropriate option for you. You should have required and full information, if you want to setup Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook. Sbcglobal is a very popular email application among the users. It has lost its importance, when AT &T has made the partnership with yahoo email account.


Setup process of sbcglobal mail on Ms Outlook

If you want to use Sbcglobal email service and want to set up Sbcglobal email account with MS outlook, you should have the email client along with the addresses of an incoming and outgoing email server and connection settings for both. Ensure that you have the correct server addresses because some users are using old server addresses. If you want to set up Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook, you must follow below steps in the appropriate ways. In this technical guide, you will obtain needed information about how to set up SBC global email to MS outlook in the correct ways.

Easy Methods to Set up sbcglobal mail on Ms Outlook

If you want to set up Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook, you need to give the address and connection settings of incoming and outgoing mail servers. On other hand, the address of the servers obtained varied, when Sbcglobal lose its importance and this address is no longer applicable. In this case, MS outlook must connect and communicate properly with AT&T’s servers. As a result, you will obtain new messages in your mail box and can send email properly.

Step1-First of all, you must open MS outlook and after that you have to select “File tab” button. Then, you need to click on “Add account” option that will run the “Add account setup” option.

Step2-Secondly, you need to choose “Additional server types or manual setup”. After this process, you need to click on the next button and after that, you should go to “choose service” page. In this section, you have to choose POP or IMAP. When you completed it, you will carry on for next step.

Step3- In third step, you need to type your name and after that Sbcglobal email login address in the needed fields. In addition, you need to choose “POP3” in the account type button.

Step4-Next, users need to enter “” in the displayed section of incoming mail server and “” in the outgoing mail server.

Step5-In the fifth step, you must renter your Sbcglobal email address and password in the needed spaces.

Step6- Next, you will get an option displaying the name “ more setting” button that you’re needed to click and after that, you need to choose “outgoing server” displaying field.

Step7- After that, users go for next process. Users need to click on “advanced” button and after, “this server needs an encrypted connection” correctly. After that, users should enter the port number in the incoming mail server section.

Step8- In this step, you need to enter the port number in the outgoing mail server section. You need to choose “SSL” as the kind of encrypted connection from the displaying drop-down menu.

Step9- Finally, you must click on “OK” button and after that, you should finish the whole process easily. Thus, you can set up Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook in the appropriate ways. Now, you can work on Sbcglobal mail account successfully.

By following all these instructions, you can complete the setup process of Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook in the appropriate ways. Setting up Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook is not an easy task, so you can make it easy just by performing all above instructions. Thus, you can set up Sbcglobal mail on MS outlook easily. These instructions can help you to complete the setup process without facing any problems. Still, if you are facing any technical issues, you can call our live technical experts anytime. Online technical experts are sitting round the clock to guide you properly.