Most of the AOL users have reported their problem while sending emails. This is because of the Error Code 475. The Error Code 475 means that there was some doubtful activity sensed in a user’s account due to which AOL blocks the account from sending spam-like emails. If you are also encountering this error in your AOL account, you will be able to receive emails nevertheless you won’t be able to send email from your account. To know how to fix the AOL Error Code 475 in your account, perform the steps suggested below. Get the detailed information, by dialing AOL helpline number.

What happens in AOL error code 475?

  • When your AOL account notices any doubtful activity in your account, it freezes your email Id for few hours.
  • When the user is blocked, he or she can neither send an email nor can receive it.
  • The AOL user is not able to sign in to his or her account.

What is the reason for AOL Error 475?

Here is the main cause of the email error code 475. So, keep your eyes on the below points.

  • Due to a virus on your computer, this error can occur.
  • Accidentally deleted or corrupted registry files.

Steps to fix AOL Error Code 475

The possible solution to this issue is to update the system drivers. After upgrading the window system driver you can eliminate your problem. Therefore, look at the below points and do the same in your system.

  • Reinstall the application that probably causes such an error.
  • After that check your Windows update.
  • Upgrade your computer outmoded drivers. To upgrade the drivers automatically, you have to right click on the “Computer” option and then choose “Manage” option.
  • After doing that click on the “device manager” option.
  • Go through it carefully and check if there is a yellow exclamatory mark or not.
  • Double click on that mark and hit on “Update Drivers”.

If you are still facing any problem related to AOL error 475, then you need to Download AOL Desktop Gold once again in your system and install it carefully. After that, Error Code 475 will be eliminated automatically from your AOL Desktop.

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