Troubleshoot Outlook Won’t Open Issue With These Simple Steps

Troubleshoot Outlook Won’t Open Issue With These Simple Steps

Many people have direct affection for web client emailing services e.g. Hotmail, outlook, and many more. When it comes to composing an outlook emailing service, it is likely that the users may face Outlook won’t open issues. In case you come across an Outlook not opening, there is zero chance to get despair. So, it would be expected that one has to back up the emailing client and operate this application as quickly as possible. Effective troubleshooting depends upon this fact on which type of problem facing you are. In addition to this, an individual must ensure about this fact which outlook version you are using. No matter what kind of problems has occurred in this, one should have to rectify the technical problem in it.


Why won’t Outlook open?

Here is a list of reasons due to which the users face Outlook not opening issues. The reasons for Microsoft Outlook won’t open are as follows:

  1. First, it occurs due to slow Internet speed.
  2. It happens due to a damaged profile.
  3. Difficult Add-ins.
  4. Damaged Outlook PST files.
  5. Problems with app updates.
  6. Corrupt data files.
  7. Sometimes it also arises due to Navigation pane problems.

Problems related to Outlook Not Opening

  • First, Outlook won’t open when I click on the icon.
  • Outlook won’t open from the taskbar.
  • Also, Outlook won’t open after closing.
  • Or Outlook won’t open in safe mode.
  • Outlook not opening emails.

How do I fix Outlook won’t open?

If you are also looking for answers to the query what to do if my Outlook won’t open? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get all the steps by implementing which you can get rid of Outlook email won’t open issue.

Start Outlook in safe mode

To start Outlook in safe mode manually, you have to implement some steps such as:

  1. Firstly, click on the Start menu and choose the Run option.
  2. Enter Outlook / safe and press OK to confirm it.
  3. Select the Default setting from the Choose Profile dialog box.
  4. If required, then type the password and click on the OK option.

Disable add-ins

The inclusion of more than one add-in adds conflict to your business work. In fact, it brings you on the failure verge. To stay from such an inferior result, you just need to open Outlook in safe mode and get the soon solution to the Outlook will not open problem.

  1. First of all, it is expected that you must open outlook in safe mode.
  2. The next step is that you must open the file.
  3. After that, you must select the option.
  4. Having reached on the left panel, you must select adds-in.
  5. Now, you must confirm the fact that com adds on is selected or not. It must be checked at the outlook option at the bottom of the manage box.
  6. Afterward, you can move on.
  7. Now, you would have to write down the list and take the screenshot before doing the ads on disabled features.
  8. It is high time to clear all checkboxes in the COM add list.
  9. After that, you would have to choose to remove it.
  10. In order to get away from difficulties, you must come on the exit option.
  11. After that, you must reopen the outlook account and check out the problem is sorted out or not. In case the outlook office does not open in the forwarding direction, you just need to move on secondary option.

    Again start Outlook

    1. Hit the Start menu >> Run >> Outlook option.
    2. Under the Outlook menu, select File >> Options >> Add-ins.
    3. Turn on the checkbox that is next to Add-ins.
    4. Now, perform all the steps again until all the original add-ins are turned on.

    Use Outlook.exe/ resetnavpane command

    1. Although after leaving Outlook, go to the Start menu.
    2. To execute the Run command, press Windows key+ R.
    3. Input Outlook.exe / resetnavpane command and then open Outlook.

    Get to know how to repair Outlook Won’t Open Windows 10

    It may be possible that your Outlook account has been crashed and how to get recovery from the damaged account. In order to get full recovery from the Outlook not opening error, one should have to remove the technical error. It may take variation from windows 10, windows 8, and many other products.

    1. This is the prime requirement that you would have to close Microsoft office applications.
    2. Pick the windows search box and type application and features.
    3. By doing this, you can reach on select on app and features.
    4. Out of the installed application sets, you must find and select an office application.
    5. Now, you can modify it.
    6. You can select on yes option as you want to give the precise answer of making a change in your device.
    7. Now, you would have to click on the repair option, and afterward, you click on the repair button.
    8. It is a suitable time to click on repair after the completion of the process.
    9. By doing so, you can fix the Outlook won’t open in Windows 10 issue. Now, you would have to follow the different troubleshooting steps.


    • If you are a Windows 7, 8, or 10 user, then type the Start >> type; outlook.exe / safe. It will start Outlook in safe mode.
    • For all versions of Windows, you should hold the CTRL button while hitting on the Outlook button to start it.

    Steps to fix Outlook Not Opening loading profile

    1. From the File menu, click on the Account Settings.
    2. Then visit the Email tab, and choose the Repair option. It will open the Repair Wizard. Although this option is not for Outlook Exchange Accounts.
    3. Implement all the instructions and again start the Outlook.
    4. This will help in repairing the Outlook stuck-on-loading profile issue.

    Repair corrupt data files

    1. First of all, you have to leave the Outlook application.
    2. Next, download the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool. After downloading it, open this tool.
    3. Select the Find option and visit the .pst file or your personal folder.
    4. After that, click on Start >> Repair.
    5. Once it is over, again starts the Outlook app.

    Learn how to repair Outlook Not Opening on Mac issue?

    These instant fixes will work for Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2011. First of all, check if there is any update available. Because the available update will contact the fixes for the Outlook not opening Mac. If Outlook won’t open on Mac, then you have to follow some steps. Let’s have a look!

    1. Leave all the MS Office applications.
    2. Choose the Outlook option and select Microsoft Database Utility.
    3. In this step, you have to select the identity type that you wish to rebuild.
    4. Restart the Outlook app when the rebuilding is over.


    The above-mentioned write-up describes that follow-up of sequential steps does not let you engage in Outlook won’t open issues anymore. Although if you face Outlook not opening problems, then you can also contact us. The minute mistake does not let you gain the most profitable result at any cost. For taking the instant association of our Outlook Support technician, you cannot force yourself to stay connected with many unexpected impacts. It is your feasible time that you want to connect our team at which time. For taking the soon assistance, you can dial our toll-free number.