Verizon Email not Working? [Get Latest Solution 2023]

Verizon Email not Working? [Get Latest Solution 2023]


Verizon is one of the most prominent names around the globe, but now it has retired its email service. Users will not be able to create an account on their own. The service has asked its users to transfer their email addresses to AOL to continue accessing it.

However, migrating your email address does not ensure that you would not encounter any problem with your email account. Although nobody invites technical issues, they come now and then. Even after configuring the account on AOL and Yahoo, people have been facing problems with Verizon email not working correctly.

Due to this issue, users find it difficult to send and receive emails utilizing their accounts. If you are one of those users encountering the same problem and wondering why is my Verizon mail not working, go through the blog to resolve the issue:

Before moving on to the most complex solutions, test the basics of troubleshooting to solve your issue.

  • Check that your device has been updated to the most current version.
  • Perform a scan on your system to determine whether it’s been infected by viruses or malware.
  • If you discover there’s not enough space in your gadget, create space.
  • Switch your DNS to Google DNS.

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Steps to Fix the Verizon Email not Working Issue

If you find that the Verizon email stopped working, follow the steps to solve the issue:


1. Optimize the Web browser

A browser needs time to optimize its performance to ensure smooth operation. Optimization refers to the fact that you must frequently clean your browser history and cookies, cache memory, and junk files. If your browser is cluttered with files, you will not access your email.

Also, delete the history and browsing information in the browser. Finally, login to the Verizon email account and check to see if you can resolve the issue. Otherwise, you can go on with the next step.


2. Remove Firewalls and Antivirus

We usually install firewalls or antivirus software on our devices to safeguard them from cyber-attacks and viruses. The presence of a Firewall or antivirus might be the reason why you’re not able to access the Verizon email service.

Therefore, if Verizon email not receiving messages is the issue, turn off the firewall or antivirus in your phone. If you’re still experiencing problems, go ahead and remove the add-ons on your device.


3. Check Verizon Email Settings

The process of setting up your Verizon account using a different email client could be advantageous for users since Verizon does not provide email services. However, if they want access to the Verizon email from another server, they need to use the correct Verizon email settings. The server settings are responsible for sending and receiving the emails via the external service providers.

If you’re using your Verizon email account via Yahoo, AOL, or Outlook, you must set your settings manually with the appropriate Verizon email details.

Remember that when giving account details, You must include the complete Email address and then enable SSL encryption for email messages sent out and the inbound ones.

Settings for the Server of Verizon Email:

For POP 3
  • Incoming mail server settings “POP 3“:, port number;995.
  • Outgoing mail server settings “SMTP“:, port number;465.


IMAP is the preferred method for IMAP
  • Incoming mail server settings “IMAP“:, port number;993
  • Outgoing mail server settings “SMTP“:, port number;465.


4. Reset the Password

If you cannot access the Verizon email even when entering the correct password, someone else may have access to it. Therefore, from a security perspective, it is recommended to reset the password of your Verizon email. Also, if you have forgotten the password, the following steps can help you.

  • To reset the Verizon email password, log in to the email.
  • Type your Verizon email username.
  • Click on the “next” button.
  • Now, you have to click on the option “forgot password“. Then, proceed with the onscreen instructions and reset the password.


Note: You can provide your phone number or alternate email address for recovery details. Using these details, you can get the temporary password verification code for the login.


All Set for Using Your Verizon Email Now?

Verizon email not working is one of the most irritating issues you might come across. Solving this problem is mandatory to avoid other issues associated with it. Thus, these are a few straightforward solutions that can assist you with fixing ‘Verizon mail not working’ issues. If nothing from what was just mentioned advances helps you set the case, you should contact Email Technical Support specialists.