How to Recover Yahoo Account After Hacked?

How to Recover Yahoo Account After Hacked?


Yahoo focuses on its dogma particularly after the two recent cyberattacks on its user’s account. It keeps a keen eye on every apprehensive activity through any user’s account. If you try to break any of Yahoo’s mail policies and guidelines, you will not able to use services. But in case your account has been hacked and you want urgent recovery of your account. Then you need to perform the below steps. In order to Recover Yahoo hacked account, you have to perform some steps. And if in case you need any technical help, then contact Yahoo support.


How to verify if someone has hacked your Yahoo account?

Before you move further with the fixing step, look at these points to know whether someone hacked your Yahoo account or not. The most common symptoms are like:

  • First, the hacking effort on your email account.
  • Spam mark by any recipient.
  • Using the same account at different locations at the same time.
  • Multiple times incorrect password attempts.
  • Unauthorized access to third-party software.
  • Sending bulk emails beyond the specified limit.

How to Recover a Hacked Yahoo Account?

Don’t know how to recover hacked Yahoo account? Don’t worry. We can help you in recovering a hacked Yahoo email account. There are mainly two methods for Yahoo account recovery. The first method allows you to redeem your Yahoo Mail account by changing the password. The second method assists you to recover it by resetting the password. 

Method 1: Change the Yahoo mail password

Password change to recover Yahoo email hacked account

Sign in to the Yahoo mail account and select the account info option in the profile name available on the right corner of the Yahoo Mail account.

Yahoo mail account info

Following the account info window, hit the account security tab. It will ask you to provide the account password. Write it to get access to the Account security page.

Click on the change password option under the account Yahoo security official page. After that type the new password in the mandatory field.

Yahoo mail account security

Hit the continue button to positively change the password. By following these steps you can successfully recover hacked Yahoo email account.

Method 2: Reset the password

Reset Password to Recuperate Yahoo hacked Account

  • First of all, go to the log-in page of Yahoo mail. And then type the email address. Now, click on the Next button.
  • After that, select the “I forgot my password” link. Next, the verification page will open. Here, you will see the partly visible email address or phone number. This can be applicable when you forgot Yahoo password.

Yahoo Mail Forgot the Password

  • Firstly, if you remember the email address or the provided number, click on the yes option and the option ensuing text me an Account Key button.
  • Now, on the successive screen, you need to provide the account key that is sent to the phone/email. Write the account key and then click on the Verify button.
  • Once verification is over, you will see two options on the subsequent screen – Continue and create a new password. Then choose the “create a new password” option to redirect to the password reset page. Type your new password and hit the continue button.

Learn How to Make the Yahoo Account More Secure

Online security experts have always recommended various steps to fix this issue. These steps are given below.

  • Every time uses an intricate password.
  • Change Yahoo password very often.
  • Actuate 2-step authentication feature.
  • Do not provide any of your account or personal information with anyone that can lead the hacker to guess the password of your account.

So these are the Yahoo hacked account recovery steps. These steps will definitely resolve your issue. For any technical assistance, contact Yahoo customer support.