Learn to Activate or Deactivate Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold

Learn to Activate or Deactivate Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold

There is no doubt that AOL Desktop Gold is surrounded by lots of ads that sometimes annoy a user while working on it. But, you can remove these ads to create Ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold. Easily activate for one username on an account with a suitable AOL advantage plan. Discover the steps to activate and deactivate this benefit, and also learn how to move it to another username on your AOL Desktop Gold account.

Know how to activate ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Sign in to AOL with the same username that you would to activate the benefit for.
  • Reach out for Ad-Free Mail for AOL activation page.
  • Tap on the Activate Now, this will activate the AOL account and then close it. You’ll see a confirmation message if your AOL account is eligible for this benefit otherwise not.
  • Open AOL Desktop Gold and simply sign out your account.
  • Again sign in to desktop gold with the username you just activated the ad-free mail for.

This ad-free Mail benefit for AOL Desktop Gold can only be activated for only one username on an AOL account who has an eligible AOL Advantage plan. If you get an error message that says your account is not eligible. Then you need to make contact with an expert via dialing a toll-free number. You can get more information about the error message that you receive while activating this benefit.

Learn the steps to deactivate the add-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold

If you no longer want to take advantage of this ad-free mail experience benefit from Desktop Gold. You can easily deactivate this from your MyBenefits page.

  • Log in to your MyBenefits page.
  • Open activated tab
  • Simply look for ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold Benefit and tap on deactivate.
  • A confirmation window will open that says, you really want to deactivate this benefit.
  • Click on deactivate.
  • This will simply deactivate the ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold benefit and your AOL gold account starts to show you ads.

Look at the steps to move this benefit to a different username on your same account:

As we already discussed that ad-free mail can only be active for one username at a time on an entitled AOL account. But, what if you have another username on your account and want to use the ad-free mail experience in this username too. For this, simply you need to deactivate the benefit on the username for which you activated it. Once the benefit is deactivated then by following the activation steps you can activate ad-free mail for AOL Desktop Gold for another username on your account.

If you are unable to activate or deactivate ad-free mail for desktop gold even after applying these steps. Then we suggest you try AOL Gold Desktop Download and install it once again on your PC. For sure, after doing so, you can easily activate or deactivate this benefit.