Get Quick Solutions for AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Get Quick Solutions for AOL Desktop Gold Problems

No doubt, AOL Desktop Gold is remarkable software. On the other hand, this software faces too many difficulties. Here you will know some common AOL Desktop Gold Problems and get their solution as well. Some of the errors are Login issue, Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Desktop Gold is not working, Unable to update AOL Desktop Gold, etc. So let’s go to the solution to such problems. For technical assistance, contact AOL customer support.

Steps to Troubleshoot Problems in AOL Desktop Gold

Perform these steps to troubleshoot the issues in AOL Desktop Gold.

Unable to download the AOL Desktop Gold

If you are facing a problem while downloading AOL Desktop Gold on the device, then perform the given steps.

  • Scan your computer with an antivirus to exterminate all the viruses and
  • Eradicate all the cache, cookies, and temporary internet files from your device.
  • Examine the system requirement first then install the software.

AOL Login Issue

    If the login screen of AOL goes disappeared then in that case you should perform the following solution steps.

    • Remove all the browser’s cache and cookies data.
    • You can access any other web browser to do the login.
    • Ensure that your web browser is updated with the latest version.

    AOL Desktop Gold is not working

      Even after hitting the AOL Desktop Gold, the home page of the software does not appear then you can resolve it by the following steps.

      • Ensure that your PC is updated so all the important update is installed on your system.
      • Java Scripting and active Scripting should not be blocked.
      • Try to disable ‘Adds on’ of your web browser.

      Icon of AOL Desktop Gold goes missing

        If the icon of AOL Desktop Gold on your system goes missing or you are unable to find it, then these given steps will help you in fixing the issue.

        • From the bottom right corner, click on the“open system tray” option.
        • Now locate the icon of AOL Desktop Gold.
        • If you are able to find the icon then you have to make its shortcut by right-clicking on it.

        Unable to update the AOL Desktop Gold

          There are times when people go through a problem while upgrading their desktop software if you are also one of them, then perform these steps.

          • Turn on the automatic update feature of your device.
          • Confirm to validate that the other software is not blocking your path of upgrading the software.
          • If the firewall is disabled too so it cannot affect the updates.

          AOL Desktop Gold is running very slow

            If your AOL Desktop Gold is running very slow then you have to perform these steps to make it work fast.

            • Try to restart your system if you haven’t done it recently.
            • Enable only the essential application during turning on your system.
            • Execute antivirus to remove malicious viruses.

            So these are some of the AOL Gold Problems that you may encounter while operating it. For any sort of technical assistance, contact AOL customer support.


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