Outlook calendar appointments not showing

Outlook is a rich-featured platform that assists users with several utilities including a calendar. The calendar allows users to save appointments and meetings and work as a reminder. However, many users have a complaint about an issue of outlook calendar appointments not showing. Well, the root cause is not Outlook but something else. Rather, the mail clients like Activesync, iOS devices, or iCal and the connectivity may be the culprits causing you the disturbing error. Is your Outlook calendar not showing all-day events? Are you also struggling with the error? Not anymore! Here, troubleshoot and learn that How do I make Outlook calendar show all appointments again. Let’s get going!

Outlook calendar appointments not showing

Why Are My Appointments Not Showing Up In Outlook? 

If you rely on the outlook calendar then appointments not showing in Outlook Calendar is a serious issue. To understand, we need to go through a few cases. There can be another reason including the major cases mentioned below:

  1. Calendar Folder Pane: The outlook calendar can appear or disappear due to checkboxes in the calendar folder pane.
  2. Calendar’s current view: If the appointments and meetings do not fit in your calendar then they can be hidden automatically.
  3. Outlook Sync settings on mobile phone: This is the situation you may or may not be aware of. Sometimes users, for their convenience, connect Outlook with their mobile phone and turn on sync the emails and other data.

Although this general setting is designed to maintain the balance between appointments and the available space on the devices and so never let the space be full of new appointments. To cope up with these settings, the software itself keeps deleting the old appointments and creates space for new appointments and meetings. Here is the catch. In the process of deleting, the sync feature may create chaos. If you have deleted an appointment on your mobile then the same is processed for email service. Further, the deletion may be accidental. In both cases, the sync feature updates the appointment on the server that might be the reason the Outlook calendar not showing appointments.

Where Did My Outlook Calendar Appointments Go? 

Calendar in outlook 365 is an application whose job is to show the important dates. However, things are going just the opposite. If the Outlook calendar to do bar not showing all appointments then one question that arises is that –

Where did your outlook calendar appointments go?

Let’s first, demonstrate a situation that has the probability of answering the question. Suppose you have conducted a meeting at 5 o’clock in the evening and all your employees have joined it on time. Now, for some reason, you declined the meeting on PC but the server didn’t receive the information due to a poor internet connection. In such a case, the calendar is not updated. Therefore, the calendar appointments not showing in Outlook 365 and go missing. So what exactly happened? When a notification-like appointment is created, the office 365 calendar system does not track it as a single copy. Neuter will automatically update the calendar for all attendees. On the contrary, all meetings and appointments are required to send and receive emails to all attendees. Afterward, when all of the attendee’s calendar reads the email, the calendar on each user’s end is updated.

How Do I Get My Appointments To Show In Outlook? 

You can take email help from Outlook Email Support.  Nonetheless, if you want to learn and resolve the issue on your own, we will help you. In this guide, we have listed the method with which you can get appointments to show in outlook in the future. 

Method 1: Restore The Factory View:

Even after you have customized your Outlook 365 calendars, they may not show the appointments. In this situation, you should try to reset the calendar’s view or reset the factory view following the steps mentioned below:

  • Head to the Outlook program and launch it.
  • On the left side, click on the calendar tab.
  • Now, open the View tab.
  • From here select the View Settings option.
  • Select the Reset Current View.
  • Click Ok.

Once done, refresh the page and check if the Outlook calendar not showing appointments is resolved.

Method 2: Customize Your Calendar

In case there are multiple calendars present, chances are that your Outlook calendar not loading. To unhide or load your calendar on the display, customize it following the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch the Outlook on your PC.
  • Now, from the navigation pane, click on Calendar.
  • From here, you can select the boxes you want to see under the “My Calendar” folder.
  • In the folder pane, right-click on the calendar and select “Show this calendar.”
  • Now, you can see the selected and by default calendars side-by-side.
  • To pin your calendar on the top, click the “View in Overlay Mode” >> right-click on your calendar in the Folder Pane>> then, click “Overlay.

Method 3: Create Direct Meetings

This is the easiest method to resolve the issue. You can create a direct meeting from the program. It will send the invitation or prompt your planned contacts directly to attend the meeting.

Method 4: Update The Meeting Tools

When any of the above methods are not working, you need to fix it permanently. For that, you can update the outlook calendar, it will solve the issue permanently.

  • Launch outlook.
  • Select the File menu.
  • Now, go to the Help section and select it.
  • From here, check for updates/install updates.
  • Confirm to start the installation process.

Bonus Tips

You can apply the following methods to resolve the issue. However, there is always space for some bonus tips that improve the performance and smoothens the process.

  • Use the Outlook app on your mobile phone. Accept and reject meetings from mobile as auto sync will update the changes.
  • Always assign one delegate with editor permission.
  • Always accept/reject meetings from the inbox directly.
  • Ensure not to respond differently on different devices for a specific meeting.

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With that, we hope that the issue of Outlook calendar appointments not showing has been resolved. For further quarry or technical help, you can connect with our experts available 24/7 in all parts of the world.