How to Fix Outlook Disconnected issue?

How to Fix Outlook Disconnected issue?

Microsoft Outlook provides the flexibility to work offline if there is no internet working on the computer system. Though, being the most efficient, super-fast, and cost-effective application Outlook should always be in an active mode. As once if it disconnects or is not in working mode for any reason. Then it could be affecting your ability to configure a mailbox, view mailboxes, or send/receive emails. Therefore, it is very important to immediately get rid of the Outlook Disconnected issue if anyone is confronting it. When you are sign-in to your Outlook account, an alert message “Microsoft Outlook disconnected” may pop up in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. This is a typical error that will stop you from sending or receiving emails to or from clients. Thus, it becomes necessary to cope-up as soon as possible. Or else you can read the post carefully from top-to-toe.

How will I know that Outlook is Disconnected?

  • First, have to launch the Outlook program on Windows PC.
  • Go to the Inbox section by clicking on its icon.
  • Thereafter, at the bottom of the window, you will see the text message stating “Disconnected”.

How to Fix Outlook Disconnected Issue on Windows PC?

In below, there are some beneficial troubleshooting tips and tricks which will further guide you on how to fix disconnected server with Outlook? So, despite wandering for an effective solution start following the given instructed methods one-after-another until the error message gets disappears from the Window screen.

Method 1: Restart Your Computer

The ‘Outlook says Disconnected’ error usually arises all of a sudden when you sign in on your computer. The best way to resolve this issue is to restart your computer system in a well-manner. This could be the first attempt you should take if you get this error while working on Outlook. Once your system restarts appropriately, then the Outlook application will launch without any error message. Thus, you can work with an Outlook account with no hindrance.

Method 2: Ping The Server

Even after restarting your operating system you still come across the Outlook 365 Disconnected error, then this time you should ping the server. Ping is a utility or a command that is available in the computer system used to identify the issue whether it is related to the server/host or not. Ping is basically helping to check the network connection and the speed in between the two networks. That is one is yours and the other is on the internet. In such circumstances, you need to ping the Exchange server for which you will have the name of the exchange server. Here are some necessary steps that you have to go through. Let’s have a glance at them:

  • First and foremost, give a single click on the “Start” button and then access the Run utility on your system.
  • Now, just type CMD in the given field and press the OK button.
  • After doing that, the Command Prompt window will appear on the screen.
  • There you have to type the command “ping follow by the name of Exchange Server” and hit the “Enter” key.
  • The ‘ping’ utility will thereafter run for a couple of seconds and shows you the final results in the form of Responses.
  • If you receive a response saying “Request timed out”, it means the issue is with network connectivity or Exchange server.
  • In order to fix this server issue, you need to contact a Server team.
  • If the responses sum up with the statements like Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0″. Then this confirms that there are no issues regarding the server or network connectivity. So you can skip the step of checking LAN cable, network connectivity, etc.

Method 3: Make Sure Outlook Is Not Set In Offline Mode

It is most obvious that when Outlook is in Offline mode, then Outlook Disconnected error displays on the screen. However, Microsoft Outlook may unintentionally go into the offline mode or changes are done in network connectivity settings. That’s why we recommend you first check your Outlook program for it’s in offline mode. To roll back the settings, walk through the below-guided steps:

  • Launch the Outlook application.
  • Scroll down to the bottom right corner of the Outlook window to see the error message “Disconnected”. Give an instant click on the same message if it already appears on the screen.
  • A context menu list will then be shown. You can see a checkbox that shows offline mode.
  • If the check-box behind the option ‘Work Offline’ is ticked-mark, then give a single click to uncheck it and bring it back Online. This may solve your problem soon.
  • If you are still unable to find the checkbox that you select. In that case, you have to select and deselect it again which might help you out in resolving this error.

Method 4: Launch The Outlook Application in Safe Mode

If you yet fail to annihilate Outlook Disconnected even after appropriately applying all the above one-stop troubleshooting methods, then this time you should try opening the Outlook application in a safe mode. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the Windows Start menu and then access the Run program.
  • In the Run dialog box, type “outlook.exe/safe” and press the OK tab.
  • If there is an issue because of the already install Add-ons, then try to disable all the unnecessary and redundant add-ons.
  • Again, restart the Outlook application; this can most probably resolve the disconnected issue.

Method 5: Make A New Outlook Profile

If none of the above methods lend you a hand in fixing Outlook Disconnected or Outlook Disconnected from Server. Then no worry! Just forget everything and create a new fresh Outlook Profile. Here is how:

  • Launch the Outlook application.
  • Click the “File” tab and select “Account Settings”.

new Outlook profile

  • Choose the option “Manage Profiles”.
  • Click on the “Show Profile” icon and select the “Add” tab.


  • Enter a specific name for your Outlook profile and click “OK”.
  • Afterward, frequently Add your email account to the new profile. You can now use the Outlook account without confronting disconnecting error.


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Contact Outlook Technical Support Anytime For Any Help

Although if the above solutions do not satisfy you, then don’t feel blue! We, the Outlook Technical Support team will help you out. To contact us you need to do a very simple thing that is placing a call at a 24/7 online support number. We will guarantee you to serve a one-stop support solution at your doorstep. So, connect with us with no hassle and get the Outlook Disconnected problem solved in no time.

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