Outlook rules are the certain instructions made for easy email management that allow users to mark, sort, and filter the incoming messages. These rules are the automatic actions performed by the incoming emails. Setting up the outlook rules can help the user to streamline their inbox emails in an efficient manner. However, many of the Outlook users have a complaint about encountering the Outlook rules not working problem with their software. If you are also facing the same trouble, this post can help you to resolve the issue. Here, we are going to share some easy steps and guidelines that can troubleshoot the “Outlook rules not working on existing emails ”  problem efficiently. But, before we proceed next and share the steps to fix the error, you need to know the possible causes behind the problem.

Outlook rules not working

Why are my Outlook rules not working? 

There could be several different and unrelated reasons that may interrupt the functioning of Outlook rules. These errors can disable the rules together, or stop the rules from automatically running. The most common culprits behind the problem are as follows:

  • The rules may have exceeded the “Rules Quota”  established by the Outlook mailbox.
  • The ” send/receive” file is corrupted.
  • Rules are set for single computer use.
  • Corrupted IMAP and POP3 accounts.

What are its symptoms?

  • First, your Outlook account will stop functioning.
  • Slow performance of Outlook account.
  • Unable to send or receive the emails.

How to fix Outlook rules not working error?

Once you get a clear idea about the possible causes and symptoms of “rules not working in Outlook “. You can proceed next with the simple steps that can help you to troubleshoot the error.  Here are the most effective solutions to fix the issue.

Delete the rules

It is important to manage the rules in a proper manner as there is no point in using an email client without rules.  Also, rules do not always work fine,  so you have to find the solution to fix Outlook rules not working Windows 10 Error. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Open the Outlook account.
  • Go to the “File”  tab.
  • Go to the ” info”  section.
  • From here, choose the ” manage rules and alerts”  option.
  • When you click the option,  the rules and alert Window will open.
  • From here, choose the rules you would like to remove.
  • Click the ” delete”  button, and tap on yes for confirmation.
  • Once confirmed, hit the “Apply”  button.
  • Now you can replace the delete rules with a click on the ” new rule”  option.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions and you are done.

Rename the rules

The lengthy name size of the rules can also be the reason that Outlook rules not working as expected. Thus, to resolve the error, you need to rename the rules. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the file menu, choose “manage rules and alerts”.
  • If you see any message stating “broken rule”, then hit the “Ok” button.
  • After that, put a check on the box present next to “broken rule”.
  • Click on the link present under the rule description.
  • From here add the rule as per your requirement and then hit the OK button.

This may help you to fix the Outlook online rules not working error on your device.  Although, if you are still having the problem, then proceed with the next troubleshooting step.

Update the outlook

The outdated version of the software can also cause ” Outlook rules not working” errors. When you upgrade the software, it adds new features and packages to fix the existing errors and bugs.  Here are the step-by-step guidelines to update the outlook.

  • First of all, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Then go to the “File”  section.
  • Choose the ” office account”  option.
  • Now, click the ” update”  option.
  • However, a new window will appear where you have to click on the update now option.
  • Once you click the button, it will update your Outlook account to its latest version.

Reset the rules

To fix the issue, you also need to reset the rules and test your email box for corruption. It can be done while using the IMAP settings or POP3 settings for your Outlook account. If you have deleted the rules already, and it is not helping you to fix this Outlook 365 rules not working error on your device, you can run the ” inbox repair”  tool.  This tool will help you to repair the Outlook mailbox and fix the problem.

What to do when Outlook rules not working on Mac?

Many users find trouble with the “ Outlook rules not working on mac ” error on their device. If you are also facing the same issue with a Mac device, then follow the below-mentioned guidelines. By following these steps you can fix the problem manually.

  • Firstly, you have to click the “Mail” button.
  • Now, select the folder on which you would like to apply the rule.
  • When the message menu appears, then click the “rules” option.
  • Hit the “Apply” or “Apply All” button, and hence your problem will be resolved.

Use Outlook repair utility

Problems with POP3 and IMAP files can also be the reason that Outlook rules not working. To fix the issue, you can use Outlook repair. However, this utility will also help you to recover Outlook mailbox lost data because of file corruption. And, also protect you from certain errors that may get later on your Outlook account.

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The last words

We hope that these simple steps will help you to fix the “Outlook rules not working” error on your account. Also, the provided instructions are simple and easy to follow.  However, if you are still unable to troubleshoot the problem,  and looking forward to assistance, then you can contact the Outlook Technical support team for help. The technical experts are highly experienced and qualified engineers who can come up with the best possible solution to fix the problem instantly. So, share your concern with the experts. And let them find why “Outlook rules not working”  on your Windows or Mac device. Once they have discovered the issue, the experts will come up with the best possible solution to fix it and make sure you have the pleasurable experience of using the Outlook mail services.