Troubleshooting Guide for Roadrunner Email Not Working

Troubleshooting Guide for Roadrunner Email Not Working

Roadrunner is one of the popular email services. It has a user-friendly interface combined with a huge storage space. However, sometimes, Roadrunner users do face issues with the email service. People usually find the Roadrunner email not working, whereby either the service won’t open or you face problems sending and receiving emails.

The problem can occur due to various reasons, such as poor internet connectivity or incorrect login credentials. If your Roadrunner email server settings are wrong, you will face problems in exchanging emails. In this article, we will give you different solutions to tackle this problem So, you can easily able to do roadrunner email setting in an instant.

Common Roadrunner Email Not Working Issues

There are a host of Roadrunner email problems that arise from time to time. Here are the key problems and their reasons.

Roadrunner send receive error Inability to send and receive emails using the Roadrunner account can be because of an incompatible device or browser. If the email service is down, then also you cannot use your email account. Excessive spam emails may make it difficult to find relevant messages.

1.  The Roadrunner email won’t open.

The major reason for sign-in issues in Roadrunner is the incorrect password. If you forget your password, you can reset it and resolve the sign-in issues. A lesser-known cause for the inability to sign in is your Roadrunner account getting hacked.

2.  The Roadrunner account is blocked.

The ‘Account is locked’ message is a common occurrence. This can be due to high data traffic, a glitch in the connection with the server, or prolonged account inactivity. A simple fix is to log in after some time.

3.  Unable to change the account password

The inability to change or reset the Roadrunner email account password can happen if you don’t have an updated password recovery option. These options include an alternative email ID or a phone number.

Reasons for Roadrunner Email Problems

The most common reasons for facing Roadrunner email issues are as follows.

  • Your internet is giving a poor signal strength.
  • Incorrect Roadrunner email server settings.
  • Synchronization problems
  • Configuration issues
  • The JavaScript or Adobe Flash Player is enabled.
  • Your email address is blacklisted.
  • Excessive browser cookies or cache memory.

Troubleshoot Roadrunner Email Not Working

Use these fixes to get past various email issues in your Roadrunner account.

Reset your password

If you find that the Roadrunner email won’t open, rest your password to gain access to your account.

  • Head to the official login page of Roadrunner.
  • Here, tap the ‘Forgot email password’ option.
  • Input your email address and tap ‘Continue.’
  • Input the security question and answer.
  • Now you can reset the password.

Fix the inability to send or receive emails.

If you cannot perform email exchange through Roadrunner, check for the following:

  • Find out if the Roadrunner email servers are down. If they are, wait for some time till they start working again.
  • Find whether you have an active internet connection.
  • Check you Roadrunner email account’s storage space.
  • Roadrunner offers 5GB of storage space for every email address.
  • Check the spam and trash folders. It is likely that the email you expect in your inbox has landed in the spam folder.
  • Also, check whether you have accidentally blocked the recipient’s email address.

Use the right Roadrunner server settings.

Users using Roadrunner on a third-party email client sometimes see the message, ‘The mail server denied access to your account because another email client was using it.’ In such a case, check the accuracy of the server settings.

  • Incoming server settings 
  1. Your email address is your Username.
  2. Input the Roadrunner email password in the Password field.
  3. is the Server name.
  4. 110 is the Port number.
  5. The Security type is None.
  • Outgoing server settings 
  1. is the server name.
  2. 587 or 25 is the port number.
  3. The Security type is None.
  4. Input Check against the Require Sign-in field.
  5. Your Roadrunner email ID is the Username.
  6. The Roadrunner email password is the Password.

Optimize your browser

Sometimes you may find Roadrunner email not working because of issues in your browser.

  • If you cannot log in, try signing in with another browser.
  • Clear the cache and cookie files of the browser. Do so by going to the settings section.
  • After that, disable third-party add-ons or extensions.
  • If still, the email doesn’t work, turn on the antivirus.
  • Check if the Roadrunner email works.

Final Words

Hopefully, the resolutions of various Roadrunner email issues will help you use your account uninterruptedly. Use them one by one and find out the reasons for the Roadrunner email not working. You can also seek expert help for the same. Also you can connect with us on Roadrunner Email Support Number any time. We have a well-educated team who are 24/7 available for your assistance.