Millions of people worldwide use their Yahoo mail inbox every day to send and receive important emails. However, it can become a big problem if you fail to receive emails in your inbox at all. Yahoo mail users repeatedly encounter this issue and desire a resolution for it. When you find your Yahoo mail not receiving emails it’s important to understand its causes and bring the situation back to normal. Fortunately, there’s much that you can do about it. In this article, you’ll read about what causes Yahoo mail to stop receiving messages and measures to fix it.

Yahoo mail not receiving emails

What Factors Result in Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

This technical glitch can happen due to several reasons. Some common ones are given below.

  • The Yahoo server is down.
  • Your Yahoo account is facing some issues.
  • You have configured the wrong filters.
  • System errors
  • Faulty block settings.
  • Problems with your browser.
  • System errors or glitches.

To-Do Upon Finding Your Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

You can apply the solutions given below to every Yahoo Mail version that is running on a mobile device or the web. Implement these techniques to fix this glitch.

  1. Check the Spam Folder

The spam folder is an automatic bulk mail filter that ensures unnecessary emails don’t land up in your inbox. However, at times, it may make some errors. So, if you notice Yahoo Mail not receiving emails in inbox, you must check this folder to see whether the emails you are looking to receive aren’t here already. To check the emails in the spam folder, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Spam” folder.
  • Choose the messages you wish to recover.
  • Choose Not Spam.

If you do find emails that are not spamming in this folder, safelist the senders to ensure that their messages land in your inbox in the future.

  1. Check Yahoo Server Status

It’s a very basic measure, but an important one whenever you encounter this type of problem. It’s essential to confirm your Yahoo server status so that you know that the issue is not the result of an email client. Once you are entirely sure of the mail server status, you can check if you are getting emails. If you find the problem persisting, continue with the troubleshooting measures given below.

  1. Check your Yahoo Mail filters

With Yahoo Mail filters, you can sort messages and keep your inbox more organized. But at times, they can also create some errors. Filters collect particular emails, but they can also get those emails that aren’t meant for them. So, rather than checking your inbox, you can check the filter section of the mail settings. If you find an error there, you can fine-tune the rules to prevent any such inconvenience in the future.

  1. See the Block Address List

It is possible to make errors unintentionally while using Yahoo Mail. Sometimes, you can add the sender’s email address to your block list. It will definitely lead you to find Yahoo Mail not receiving emails in inbox. You will not receive any email from the person whose email address is on your block list. Go to the Security and Privacy” settings of your Yahoo account and check if you have made this mistake.

  1. Disable the feature of Yahoo Forwarding

The forwarding feature in Yahoo Mail allows the user to forward emails to another account. You may have turned this feature on and forgotten about it. It makes all the emails land in another email account. So you may constantly be checking your Yahoo account, thinking why you haven’t yet received the expected email. Go to the Settings section and turn the forwarding feature off. You can also sign in to another account of yours where the emails are being forwarded.

  1. Send an Email to Yourself

Often, users can access their Yahoo Mail account, but it doesn’t imply that the mail service is working optimally. A method to check if it’s working correctly is to send an email to your Yahoo email address. Find if it gets delivered to your inbox. If something’s amiss with the Yahoo Mail service, you’ll get an error message, which you can then find more to know what’s the root cause.

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Troubleshooting Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem in iPhone and Android

If you are facing this problem on your Android or iPhone mobile device, you can take some corrective measures. Keep reading to know what to do when Yahoo Mail not receiving mails on iPhone and Android.


Sometimes, iPhone users can lose the connection between their device and the Yahoo mail application. In such a case, sign out of your Yahoo account and then sign in again. If you are signed in to a Yahoo account on a browser, try updating your browser version to ensure that your application works smoothly. Clear some storage space on your iPhone and log in again afterward. These actions will resolve your problem.


When facing this Yahoo Mail problem on Android, first check whether you have the current version of the Yahoo Mail app. If not, update your app to the latest version. You can also delete the junk from the browser and restart it. Updating the operating system can also fix the issue. if the problem is due to some technical glitch in the app, you can uninstall it. Then reinstall it again and see if the problem is still there. Most probably, it would have been resolved.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the methods in this post will help you whenever you find Yahoo Mail not receiving emails. All these techniques are effective in fixing this mail account problem. But it may be possible that the problem persists even after applying all the methods. In this case, you can reach out for professional Yahoo support services. The technical experts will resolve all issues associated with your mail account.