AOL Desktop is an outstanding service software. But while accessing this software user may confront some errors. Errors with this software are usually not being escaped, so it is very urgent to get the best suitable solution of the errors. Because of multiple reasons, errors in AOL Desktop software is been arisen. But the remedy of those nasty errors is easy. AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 is also one of the common problem usually occurs during the installation and the update of AOL Desktop Gold software. This error appears suddenly and display on the screen continuously and prevents the user to install AOL Desktop. This situation makes the users too much infuriating. So, if you are also the one who is encountering the same hurdle, you have one more option rather than this blog to fix this problem, reach out to the customer support number and with the help of technicians resolve it instantly.

AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

Reasons of AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

Following are the basic reasons due to which such an error code is been facing by the candidate. Have a glance:

  1. Due to incomplete or inappropriate installation of AOL desktop gold
  2. Because of AOL desktop file is Corrupted
  3. Virus or malware infection in AOL desktop gold
  4. Corrupted download of AOL desktop

These all reasons may create trouble for you in resulting as AOL desktop gold error code 104. To fix this issue, you will require to perform few steps. These steps are really simple if you have a technical background. But if you don’t have an idea about it you can avail assistance from customer service provider team.

Ways to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

When the users of AOL desktop gold opt for resolution of error code 104, then they should follow the given steps. Keep your eyes feast on the noted points and make sure you are done perfectly with these steps:

  1. Uninstall the AOL desktop gold from your computer first
  2. After complete uninstallation, you will have to proceed to AOL Desktop Gold Download
  3. Now, Install “AOL desktop gold” on your device
  4. Follow the re-installation step and set up the AOL desktop
  5. Now restart your computer and open this software

You will most probably no longer to confront this error code 104. But in case still finding the same problem while accessing this software, then make an instant call on the helpline number and get associated with then technical expert. They have skilled to annihilate your AOL Desktop related error within a few minutes.


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