AOL Gold Icon not Responding | How to Fix it?

AOL Gold Icon not Responding | How to Fix it?

AOL is one of the standard emailing interfaces whose development team holds the main vision and mission to get a few exceptional features. But sometimes when a user clicks on the AOL icon, the user finds that the AOL Gold Icon Not Responding. Having seen the overall descriptive configuration and setting in AOL emailing service, various components plays an important role in redirecting positive results in it. The AOL desktop gold is one of the valuable versions. That does maximum volume works without getting into any risky incidence. However, if you need any assistance to fix this issue, then contact our AOL Support experts.

Why AOL Gold Icon Not Responding?

A number of persons can’t discard the overall functionality and feature of the AOL emailing interface even though something happens wrong with it. It is a normal incidence that the AOL desktop gold has stopped working error occurs. Some tough time arrives in it and you are incapable to capture certain results.

Living in this typical situation, you look forward to getting the full answer to all related queries in a certain time. Hence, it is a bit required not to live with fuss and straightforwardly to seek the in-depth solution for this. Here is a list of reasons due to which AOL desktop gold freezes. They are like:

  1. Firstly, AOL desktop gold freezes due to slow Internet speed.
  2. Using incompatible software or an older version of the software.
  3. Availability of malicious code in the system.
  4. Corrupt program files.
  5. Improper installation of the AOL Gold software.

Problems Arise Due To AOL Desktop Gold Not Loading

  1. First, the software becomes unresponsive.
  2. The system screen turns black.
  3. Unable to send or receive emails on your AOL mail account.
  4. Also, the program crashes without any alert.
  5. AOL gold icon doesn’t open while clicking it.

Troubleshoot AOL Gold Icon Not Responding

  1. Restart your system as it is the quickest solution that you can try.
  2. Make sure to use a fast internet Network connection.
  3. Check for malware as well as Trojan horses and perform scanning and Removing Malicious Software.
  4. Outdated software can cause this issue, so make sure to update the AOL Software on a regular basis.

Advanced Troubleshooting steps when AOL Gold Icon is not responding

  1. Ensure that the desktop gold’s source files are not corrupted. In order to identify the problem, right-click on the drop-down menu. Hit the Properties option and search the targeted file. After finding the file, copy its URL. Next, paste the URL on the Internet browser to check the presence of these program files. If no file is found, then remove the icon. Click on Computer and locate the AOL Desktop Gold folder. And check if the icon is working now or not.
  2. Try disabling anti-virus and firewall on a temporary basis. To disable anti-virus, double-click on the Anti-virus icon and select the Web and Email Protection >> Firewall: On link option. Now, disable the firewall settings and restore the default settings on the same page. Turn off the firewall settings for few hours. And again try to open the AOL app from the icon.
  3. Sometimes by restoring windows settings you can eliminate the AOL desktop gold not responding issue. If you have made any changes in the Operating System settings, then choose the Backup and Restore option to make your OS in the last existing state.
  4. In the end, if nothing works, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

Steps to uninstall and reinstall the AOL app(Windows & Mac)

  • If you are a Windows user, then visit Programs and Files. Now, choose the AOL app and click on Uninstall option to uninstall it.
  • Although if you are a Mac user, then simply put the AOL app in the trash folder.
  • Once the uninstallation process completes, then reinstall the latest version of the AOL app. By doing this, you can get rid of the AOL desktop gold not loading issue.

Confidently, after applying these methods or tricks. We can say that you can easily eliminate the AOL gold icon not responding to issues. If the issue still persists then need to Download AOL Desktop Gold and install it in your system. This is the latest as well as advanced of AOL gold. For sure you will get a trouble-free experience after installing this in your system.