Quick Fixes For Gmail Not Working in Chrome on Windows 10

Quick Fixes For Gmail Not Working in Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is considering the top-notch, fastest, and most preferable internet browser among users. A maximum number of computer and mobile phone operators browses the web pages through this internet browser. Google Chrome is used by a large population because of its efficiency and easily adaptable to maximum devices. But, sometimes users face many problems one of them is Gmail Not Working in Chrome on Windows 10. So, there are various kinds of solutions some are casual and common and another one may be specific.  Therefore, keep on reading to grab the perfect solution for fixing the Gmail account that is not opening in Google Chrome.

Why Gmail account is not opening in Google Chrome?

Here are several reasons due to which your Gmail account is not opening in Google Chrome. The reasons are as follows:-

  • Firstly, this issue arises due to the server being down.
  • Poor Network Connectivity.
  • Working on the older version of the browser.
  • A huge amount of cache and cookies are present in the browser.
  • Entering incorrect username and password for accessing the Gmail account.
  • Availability of Add-ons and extensions also leads to this problem.


General Guidelines

The most common troubleshooting guidelines are noted underneath. So, follow one-by-one:

  • In the first step Reboot your PC and analyze whether the problem fixes or not.
  • Browse any other application and check whether the problem is with chrome or any other application or not.
  • Clear Google chrome cache else, regenerate name and then see if it loads.
  • If your application is running in the background close all of them, and check if any other app is creating prevention from opening Gmail in chrome.
  • First of all, check that any update is available for Google chrome. And if it is so, update it sooner and then check that it is working or not.

How To Fix Gmail Not Working in Chrome Issue?

In case, Gmail Not Working in Chrome is not fixed from the root with the above guide, don’t worry! We have another way to get rid of it. Let’s glimpse on the below!

1) Launch Gmail in a Private Computer

Many ID careers say that launching Gmail in the Incognito chrome window is more fruitful for the issue of Gmail Not Working in Chrome on Windows 10 Problem. So, in order to solve the Gmail not syncing problem follow the steps given below-

  • First, open Google Chrome in your system.
  • Then next you will see the three-dotted line on the top right area of the browser, click on that.
  • Open the new tab of incognito mode, and a new tab will be shown.
  • And now check in the top corner of the window whether the incognito icon is shown or not.
  • For opening the incognito tab press Ctrl+Shift+N on your PC or Laptop keyboard.

2) Erase the Cookies and caches

There is a possibility that your Gmail application is overburden with cache and cookies. And because of the Gmail out of space issue, Chrome is unable to run Gmail on Windows 10. For the solution of this problem, follow these steps-

  • First of all Launch Chrome on your Desktop/Laptop.
  • See the top right corner of the application screen and press the three-dotted line.
  • For clearing browsing data click on the more tools.
  • For clearing browsing data select the time period of which time you want to remove.
  • Select all the options shown there cached images and files.
  • And then press clear data.

For using your browser maximum performance clean your PC in timely and check for malware from windows defender or antivirus.

3) Change Chrome Settings

We have seen many users gone through Gmail login problems. And by doing these steps they have resolved this problem.

  • At first, Open the chrome browser.
  • See the top right corner of the application screen and then press on More options on it.
  • Then click the settings option on the browser screen.
  • After that reset and cleanup option will be shown press reset.
  • To confirm click the reset setting button.

Caution: After doing this process the browser will not lose any bookmark or password but the settings will go to their original condition.

4) Analyze your application or browser extension

Often, Chrome cannot load Gmail on Windows 10 appropriately because of the extensions installed on the application. So, to solve the Gmail won’t load issue you should temporarily disable them successively. After follows the above methods check whether your issues are solved or not.

5) Disable antivirus settings

Some anti-viruses are blocking Gmail from working on Windows 10. See if the windows defender is preventing it or not and if it is preventing it does the disabling process and load the Gmail again.

6) Awash socket pools

Follow the given methods to awash socket pools and then try launching Gmail. The steps are-

  • At first, Launch Google Chrome on your PC and then write chrome://net-internals in the URL space bar.
  • Then press the option Export.
  • Go to Sockets options.
  • And then next choose Flush Socket Pools.
  • Refresh your Gmail again.

7) Examine Gmail Labs

There would be many cases when your labs are turned on at that time launch Gmail. If it is proved to be helpful disable the labs to check which one is forcing Gmail not to work properly. To resolve this issue follow the methods given below-

  • First of all launch Gmail on your PC.
  • See the top right corner of the application screen.
  • Then open settings.
  • Next, press the Labs tab.
  • Besides any Labs, if there is any enabled then select disabled.
  • Click save changes at the end of the page.

8) Switch to another Browser

After doing these all processes the Gmail issue is there you should switch to different browsers. There are many alternatives to Google chrome likewise Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. And switching to Mozilla Firefox is having a big advantage that is-

  • It is having infinite times of end-user Browsing Experience.
  • It is easy to edit according to our requirements.
  • Contains large numbers of the library.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer is user-friendly and easy to use; we can easily download any data.

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Contact To Tech-Savvy For Instant Explanation Of Your Gmail Issue

Don’t get disappointed! If you seriously followed up the afore-mentioned fixing guides but unfortunately the Gmail Not Working in Chrome on Windows 10 issue is existing. We have dexterous technicians who will solve your problem within a pinch. So, contact Gmail Support experts directly through the helpline number.