If you are thinking about shifting from AOL to Google Apps, or have already done it, then it is obliging to leave your AOL account active during the changeover. Here are the simple steps that will help you to transfer your AOL mails to Gmail automatically. Go through these steps and follow accordingly. 

How to Automatically Forward AOL Mail to Gmail Step by Step

Perform the below stepwise procedures for AOL to Gmail Migration in the easiest way.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account in which you need to forward AOL email.
  2. Go to the top-right corner of the screen and tap on the “Gear icon” option. After that, go to the Settings.
  3. Select the “Accounts and Import” option. Tap on Import mail and contacts.
  4. A new window will be displayed on the screen, log in your other email account. It will prompt for What account do you want to import from? Provide your email id there.
  5. After typing your email id, write the password of that account.
  6. Now, 3 Import options will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Choose your preferred import options for that email account among the listed ones
    1. Tap on the Start Import button.
    2. That’s all. 

    A message will be displayed on the screen stating that: Your messages and contacts are being imported.

    • It may take quite a few hours. In a certain case, it takes up to 2 days before you start to see your imported messages. You can close the window and continue using Gmail or you can log out and close your browser. It will continue importing your mail or contacts in the background. If you want to check the status of your import, go to look under Settings option and choose Accounts and Import.
    1. At last, go to your Gmail inbox. All the AOL emails have been forwarded to the Gmail Inbox.

    So, these are the simple yet effective steps to Transfer AOL mails to Gmail automatically. If you need, you may also read how to download AOL Desktop Gold effectively.

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