Fix Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold

Fix Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is amazing software that has everything under one roof like email, entertainment, news you just name it. Due to these features, it is very easy for you to stay in touch with your contacts. Whenever you download it from AOL Gold Download center for browsing the web or sending/receiving emails. However, several users encounter problems receiving mail in AOL Desktop Gold due to some technical errors. If you are also facing a similar problem in your AOL account, the below guidelines will surely help you fix the error. Here, you will get familiar with every single detail of why this problem occurs. Or how to resolve the AOL mail not receiving emails problem efficiently.

Reasons Behind Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold

Here is a list of possible reasons due to which AOL desktop gold not showing email. They are as follows:

  • First, AOL desktop gold problems occur due to poor network connectivity.
  • AOL server is down.
  • Or the email has been stored in the spam folder.
  • When the inbox capacity of AOL mail is full, then also you will face AOL mail problems today 2021.
  • Sometimes the sender is not typing the correct email address.
  • Antivirus or firewall is blocking the communication process.
  • AOL mail forwarding is enabled due to which you may encounter AOL mail not receiving emails.
  • However, the browser can’t load the AOL mailbox fully.
  • Although it may happen that the sender blocks you.
  • Incoming and outgoing server issues between sender and receiver.

How to Fix Problems Receiving Mail in AOL Desktop Gold?

If you can sign in and read your emails in AOL Gold but not receiving new emails. Then here you will learn how to fix the AOL desktop gold problems efficiently.

Check your enlisted filters

Sometimes a filter can prevent emails to come into your inbox. And also sent them to either in the trash folder or any other folder. To resolve AOL desktop gold not showing email, you may need to check the filters. Ensure that the created filters are properly organized or not.

Know about delivery delays

Messages deliver in the right way when you click the Send button. There is rarely a delay in the transit of a message. Delay generally occurs due to issues on the mail server, routing problems, or heavy internet traffic. Regrettably, you won’t be able to decide if the message delays or undeliverable rather waiting. If possible, you can try asking the sender to resend the message to see if you can get the message the second time.

Check your spam folder for emails that do not belong there

Whenever you find emails in your spam folder that do not belong there. Then you need to mark these emails as not spam. In this case, you have to follow some steps like

  • Login to your AOL Mail account.
  • Open the Spam folder by clicking on it.
  • Simply choose the message that is not spam.
  • Not look at the top of the page to not spam and click on it.

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In case, if the above solutions do not fix your problems receiving mail in AOL Desktop Gold. Then try to remove and reinstall AOL Gold software. For this, you need to Download AOL Desktop Gold software. And then learn how to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold from scratch. You need to completely remove all the files related to AOL Gold software from your system and then install it.