With a few settings, you can frequently move your emails or messages from Outlook to an alternate email account. However, you may have an option to choose to forward all incoming new messages or only certain messages to forward. So, when you set up correctly Inbox rules in Outlook, the emails or messages will automatically transfer. In this guide, you will learn How To Forward Emails From Outlook to another account more effectively. Thus, you can celebrate your vacation without any tension about your office work-related stuff. You still have access to your work email so just go and enjoy yourself with your family. All the incoming emails will be directly sent to your primary account.

Important Points To Remember:

  • When you redirect copies of messages, they will still be available in your mailbox. You can check and use it for any other work anytime.
  • When you delete a message from Outlook, that specific message will go to your Deleted Items folder. And most importantly, it will yet count against your mailbox limit.
  • If whenever the mailbox limit exceeds, you will be prevented from sending or receiving any new messages. However, the forwarding rules won’t work till the time you delete extra unnecessary messages.
  • When you create a forward rule, you can add more than one email address to Forward Emails From Outlook. The number of addresses to be added depending on the settings of your account to send any emails. In case the limit of adding an email address crosses, your rule won’t work.

Different Methods To Forward Emails From Outlook To Another Account

Here are a couple of methods that will let you know How To Forward Emails From Outlook To Gmail. So, give a glimpse of the below-noted instructions and execute the course of actions exactly in the same sequence. Let’s do it right now:

How To Auto-Forward Emails In Outlook 2013?

Although you have to create rules in Outlook and further use it to forward emails. Thus by creating and applying rules to your Outlook Inbox, you can automatically forward emails in Outlook 2012. Here’s how to set up a rule in Outlook to automatically forward incoming messages to another account. Let’s follow the steps one by one:

  • First, launch Outlook.
  • Next, click the “File” tab.
  • Doing so, the “Account Information” page opens.
  • On the opened page, select the “Manage Rules & Alerts” tab at the bottom of the list.
  • Doing so, the “Rules And Alerts” page opens.
  • Now, click the “E-mail Rules” tab at the top left corner and then click “New Rule”.
  • In the next pane, the “Rule Wizard” opens.
  • Under the “Start from a blank rule” section, select “Apply rule on messages I receive” and then press “Next”.
  • Now, again click “Next” without selecting any option.
  • Tap “Yes” when asked by saying the statement “This rule will be applied to every message you receive.  Is this correct?”
  • On the next list, give a check to the following statement:
  1. redirect it to people or public group
  2. stop processing more rules
  • Now, click the underlined phrase: “people or public group” in the bottom part of the window.
  • After that, type the email address to forward new mail to in the ‘To’ field.
  • And then, click “OK”.
  • Now, click the “Finish” tab.

The new forwarding rule has now appeared in the list. You can see this newly created rule in the “Rules and Alerts” window. Congratulations! You’re done. I hope you get the answer now to your query How Do I Forward An Email In Outlook 365. If your doubt is unclear yet, check out the next method.

How To Automatically Forward Emails in Outlook 365?

For this, you first need to configure Outlook properly. Below are the suitable guidelines for doing the same:

  • Choose the gear icon named “Settings” in the Outlook on the web toolbar.
  • Select “View all Outlook settings”.
  • Now, under the “Settings” section, select Mail > Forwarding.
  • Check the checkbox to the “Enable forwarding” option.
  • Now, type the email address at which you want to receive the forwarded email messages.
  • Tick the “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” check box if you don’t want the forwarded messages to delete.
  • Then, click “Save” to completely save the changes made in Outlook.

How To Forward All Emails From Outlook To Gmail?

Forwarding emails from Outlook to Gmail allows you to check and manage emails from anywhere. It is quite beneficial for the one whose Gmail is his/her primary email account. Here are the comprehensive guidelines to Forward Emails From Outlook App to Gmail account. You only need to follow the given procedure in an accurate manner. Do not skip a single step otherwise you may not send any emails direct to Gmail. Let’s start following:

  • First, log in to the Outlook Web app with the correct credentials (Username and Password).
  • Now, click on the gear icon which is called “Settings”.
  • Select “Options,” and then place a single tape on “Organize email.”
  • Now, click on “Inbox rules,” then click the (+) sign or tap “New”.
  • Now, specify the name that you can’t forget.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the “Apply to all messages” option.
  • In the next, click on the drop-down arrow to select “Forward, redirect, or send.” And then select “Forward the message to.”
  • Next, provide the Gmail address at which you want the emails forwarded into the “To” field.
  • Now click the “OK” button.
  • Finally, click “Save.”

Great! You’re done! From now all emails sent to your Outlook Web account will automatically forward to Gmail. You can anytime view the emails or messages on your Gmail.

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